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FlagSource Southeast Inc. means only the finest!
Your FlagSource Southeast Inc. flag will be the best-flying U.S. flag available from any manufacturer in the United States. Our flags look better and last longer, giving your business, institution or home a cost-effective means for displaying your national pride with a great flying flag!
Embroidered Stars and Sewn Stripes
This flag combines the beauty of a fully embroidered starfield with the highest quality nylon fabric and color-matched thread for a stunning flag that will fly smoothly in the slightest breeze. Meticulous construction, including X-boxing on the fly hems and a full 1/4" turn on all seams, will provide you with the best wearing, longest lasting nylon flag in the industry.
Sizes Available:
  • 2x3 Nylon 1
  • 2.5x4 Nylon 1
  • 3x5 Nylon 1 - FF
  • 3x5 Nylon 1
  • 4x6 Nylon 1
  • 5x8 Nylon 1
  • 5x9.5 Nylon 1
  • 6x10 Nylon 1
  • 8x12 Nylon 1
  • 10x15 Nylon 1
  • 10x19 Nylon 1
  • 12x18 Nylon 1
  • 15x25 Nylon 1
  • 20x30 Nylon 1
  • 20x38 Nylon 1
  • 30x50 Nylon 1
  • 30x60 Nylon 1
Embroidered Stars and Sewn Stripes
The two-ply polyester fabric, of which this flag is made, is specially loomed and dyed to withstand the most demanding weather conditions. The embroidered stars, enduring brilliant colors and finely crafted details make this a beautiful outdoor flag as well. It grandly sets the standard with durability and elegance that guarantees its classic status for a long time.
Sizes Available:
  • 3x5 PolyExtra
  • 4x6 PolyExtra
  • 5x8 PolyExtra
  • 6x10 PolyExtra
  • 8x12 PolyExtra
  • 10x15 PolyExtra
  • 10x19 PolyExtra
  • 12x18 PolyExtra
  • 15x25 PolyExtra
  • 20x30 PolyExtra
  • 20x38 PolyExtra
  • 30x50 PolyExtra
  • 30x60 PolyExtra
For Office, Parades, or General Use
Our Nylon Taffeta flag is manufactured from premium material to give a full, rich, lustrous sheen. It is finished with the finest features, including color-matched thread, embroidered silk rayon stars, lined pole hem with leather mounting tabs, and a golden rayon/bullion fringe. It offers excellent weather resistance when it goes outdoors for parade use. Whatever your use, it will stay elegant looking for years and is available as a flag only, or with a variety of mounting sets.
Nylon Taffeta Flags & Sets
Commemorative Flag Cases
Nylon Taffeta Flags & Sets Items - 4x6 Pole Hem & Fringed USA Flag
FLAGSOURCE Means Only the Finest
Our flags are meant to last. We use a combination of the highest quality components and state-of-the-art manufacturing to give you the best looking and most durable flags in the industry.
Construction begins with the finest fabrics and color-matched threads available. We then carefully assemble each flag using a full ¼” turn on all seams, a chain stitch for all horizontal seams (it makes the flag stronger), and a lock stich for all edge hems. Fly hems are finished with four rows of lock stitching and a 102 stich X-box reinforcement at the top and bottom of flags up to 6’ x 10’. Flags 8’ x 12’ and larger feature an X-box at each horizontal seam. And, for the strongest headings in the industry, we use a heavy duty nine ounce material.
Check out the hardware! Flags up to 6’ x 10’ feature heavy duty brass grommets, and for flags 8’ x 12’ and above we provide heavy duty chrome D-rings for maximum flying strength.
How does all of this benefit you? Your FlagSource Southeast Inc. flag will provide the most attractive and best flying U.S. Flag available for any manufacturer in the United States. FlagSource Southeast Inc. flags make a statement. Because they look better and last longer, they give your business, intuition, or home a cost-effective means for displaying your national pride with a great flying flag...for the longest period of time.

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